In the fast-changing world of work, new and greater demands are being placed on people, teams and entire organisations. Corporate support functions have tried and unfortunately more-often-than-not, failed to become strategic business partners to assist their businesses, at the very least, to respond to such disruptions and technological advances.

But now, NOW, is the time for at least one of those functions to make the step-change it’s been on the cusp of for so long …….. Human Resources – a function so under-rated yet so full of potential. 


“CEOs and agency heads have high expectations of what HR could be doing for their business,
and HR practitioners agree with those expectations.
But HR, by its own admission, does not live up to the promise entailed in those expectations.”
Lyn Goodear, Chief Executive of the Australian Human Resources Institute


Yes indeed the world has changed. HR's potential is bursting, but the way HR is done hasn't kept-up with that change. 

it's time to unleash the catalyst

HR has to change - it's time for that change. For too long HR professionals the world-over have battled the tension of competing demands like no other function – CEOs want HR strategists; frontline leaders want HR generalists, all the while individuals working in HR often can’t articulate specifically what it is they want and/or need to be.

Yet, with all this change around us it’s not okay to just mill-about in the abyss that is the middle ground. The time is ripe for you, yes little ol’ wonderful, talented you to make 2018 the year of the HR Catalyst and set yourself up for 2019 to be the year you make your greatest impact to date.

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What is the CatalystFIVE HR programme?

CatalystFIVE HR is a five month programme designed to bring together thought-leading practitioners in the field of HR who are looking for that something else to kick-start their progression to the next level as an HR influencer in their organisation. Limited to 16 participants in each Cluster, CatalystFIVE HR is designed to build a community of like-minded yet independent practitioners to move beyond transactional and pseudo-strategic HR and position themselves as the catalyst  amplifying HR’s impact in the organisation - being the best version of their professional selves.

Fundamentally this programme is less about getting through content and more about having experiences that lift you out of the status quo and into a more effective future you. Sounds awesome, right?

Listen to what a couple of CatalystFIVE HR participants have to say about their experiences early in the programme. Both are HR Managers looking to have greater impact by delivering on the potential they know they have to offer:


Who is CatalystFIVE HR for?

  • Mid-level HR practitioners working in generalist &/or strategic HR, OD, L&D, Recruitment, Change Management, Health & Safety, ER/IR - you name it, you'll benefit if you're wondering “what’s next?”

  • Those in HR tired of traditional training courses but have a burning desire to change how HR happens in their organisation.

  • HR practitioners unsettled by their gut-instinct “perhaps we don’t practice what we preach?!”

  • Anyone who knows, feels or has been told they have untapped potential and want to do/be/achieve more in the field of HR

  • HR practitioners who recognise we don’t need more HR Strategists but HR Catalysts who, amplify and level-up their HR influence across the organisation.

Who is CatalystFIVE HR not for?

  • People looking for a quick fix – this is an intensive programme that requires participants to DO THE WORK and work on their own behaviour and practice (yes, there's homework .... but nothing that adds to your workload. After all, this is about being more savvy in your HR practice).

  • Anybody with a chip on their shoulder and/or who blame others for their lack of progress

  • Those who can’t be bothered taking a good, hard look at themselves

  • People who have given up on the promise and potential of the HR profession (it's THE FUTURE!!)

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Catalyst5 HR is also available as an in-house programme for people & culture teams.
If your team isn’t on the large size, you might want to consider my
catalyst mentoring programme for individual practitioners

$3,500+GST pp

You’ll get:

  • a personalised self-assessment using the CatalystFIVE diagnostic tool

  • a tailored, individualised action plan for your own HR practice over the 30 days post each cluster (see below)

  • a greater connection with what, how and why you ‘do’ HR

  • ways to deal with overwhelm by building strategies for letting-go of what doesn’t matter and gaining traction with the stuff that does (& crucially how to tell the difference)

  • A copy of The HR Catalyst Guidebook for you to take away loaded with tips and approaches to tackling your work in people and culture as a new Catalyst practitioner

  • an active network of fellow HR Catalysts to learn with and from, and grow together

  • an increased ability to influence those who matter (and those who don’t so much) in your organisation, career, …. hey, even in your life!

Your HR Team will get:

  • A reinvigorated mover and shaker!

  • An HR practitioner revitalised, engaged and clear on what they will work on to take their personal practice to a new level, immediately.

  • A coach and mentor to challenge and enhance the practice of others in the HR team (& wider organisation)

What you’ll do while on the programme:

Each CatalystFIVE HR programme is five-months duration, and is structured so that you can develop habits of learning, unlearning & relearning as we go through the model at each off-site event called a Catalyst Cluster.

Clusters are full-day events where we meet as a group every month. Packed with learnable, relevant and immediately applicable content and collaterals that bolster your learning experience, at each cluster you will receive a book relevant to the element of the CatalystFIVE HR model we’ll focus on. 

In between clusters you will:

  • receive regular injections of inspiration in your inbox, and access anytime to Callum via email and phone to bounce 'HR stuff' off.

  • have the ability to share collective insights, successes and challenges on a private online group forum restricted to the 16 participants.

And crucially, …….. the HR profession will get:

I believe HR is critical to business success – regardless of scope or scale. It’s my vision that the HR profession fulfils the potential it …, no WE, all contribute to, and for that contribution to be deemed invaluable to every business.

A learning environment like no-other you’ve experienced before. Call it a tribe, a cohort or a sub-culture, or even a community of like-minded people with similar aspirations and desires, but who also face similar issues. The thing is, you’ll learn, laugh and leverage together.  This is the essence of the CatalystFIVE HR programme – great people, doing cool things, together.

HR has a brand issue. You could even call it an identity crisis. Fundamentally the way we interact with people is incongruent with customer expectations. CatalystFIVE HR provides a method and support system to level-up the profession’s brand and reputation not just to customer expectations, but to re-frame those expectations.


It’s time to step-up and be the catalyst for that change.


The HR Catalyst:
A guide to the new practice of leading HR

Don’t just react to change. Be the catalyst.

That’s the sentiment behind my new book - that the people profession needs to stop waiting for permission to speak, that it’s time we reclaimed the people agenda, and for restless, go-getting HR practitioners to move from doing to being.