3 - 5 days

The ULTRA Optimised Organisation

Works best for:

5-8 person Executive Leadership Teams seeking a team development experience that combines a mix of a great outdoors, mild physical challenge outside individual comfort zones and reflective team chats aimed to open-up and develop deeper trust within the group. Oh, and we’ll do some action planning too for those needing ‘tangible outcomes’.


All pre-event planning and meetings/skype calls, any pre-event diagnostics (if appropriate), local accommodation and transports within retreat event timeframe.

Flights and transfers to be arranged separate to the retreat logistics.

The Gist

They say leadership starts at the top, so let’s get there!

As a leader you’re on show, but do you know what people see? More to the point, do you know what they say about your leadership team? This is your company culture and employment brand all in one. People are watching, the clocks ticking and how you lead is under scrutiny.

During this multi-day experience, Callum unpacks the ULTRA optimised organisation model (Unified, Learning-oriented, Targeting, Responsive and Adaptive) with your team in beautiful Lake Wanaka New Zealand, a natural wonder scoured-out by advancing and retreating glaciers over many millennia. This geological process is the perfect metaphor for the experience your leadership team will have under the guidance of Callum as you advance the team’s potential and retreat into reflection at the end of each hard day’s work (at times physical, always mental and potentially spiritual (although not compulsory!)).

With a moderate level of fitness required, pioneering teams that take on this week-long experience of team optimisation undertake a day-long summit and ridge line tramp up a local peak (season-specific), and a four hour climb up a local waterfall on the final day (we go in all weather!). This is not for the faint-hearted, but likewise isn’t designed to be out of reach for teams seeking to get outside their collective comfort zone and develop deeper trust and conviction in each other. This is quite possibly the greatest team building experience you could imagine!