Why I do what I do

I work with people, teams and organisations to help them develop deeper connections – with each other, their organisation’s purpose, and with the work they get out of bed to do. I believe we work too much of our lives (regardless of how many hours we put in) for it to not be fulfilling, rewarding, worthwhile and of value – to ourselves and to those we serve.

Think about it – is today fulfilling, rewarding, worthwhile and of value for you? How about for your staff? Sadly, I meet more people who don’t view their working lives this way than do. That’s a real shame. A waste even.

I battled for years in jobs I felt little connection to – the people were great (as we always say), but something didn’t click. In times like these our natural tendency is to believe the problem lies with the individual, but if the majority feel this way basic maths (albeit never my forte) tells us it’s something else. I sought to find out what it was (and sadly still is – although not so sad as I’ve made a great career assisting people to sort it from their end).

That something else is Culture – the bit that gets messed up for most of that aforementioned majority is the blend of three crucial pieces of the cultural puzzle – the People (the unique combination of individuals trying to do stuff together), The Purpose (why they are there to do what they do), and the Place (where they actually do the work and what that means for the way they interact). 

We know that each of these facets are changing at an ever-increasing rate, placing huge demand on leaders, teams and organisations to respond and up-their-game. The only way to do this is by being intentional with your culture – essentially developing cultures of conversations. Good thing I’m here, aye?!

When I’m not here, I tend to be running in the hills around my home in the deep south of New Zealand. It’s in the hills where I do my best thinking – far from the hustle and bustle of concrete, tarmac and fumes.

Why it would be great to work with you

I’m fortunate to have a great group of past and current clients who have all allowed me into many relatively sacred parts of their working lives – the Boardroom, the Executive team meetings, the staff room and the end-of-year Christmas function. I’ve seen teams at their lowest, leaders behave like children, colleagues act terribly towards each other, and organisations struggle with change. I’ve also seen teams hit their straps and surpass what they believed was possible, leaders develop into champions with influence far beyond their industry, colleagues support each other as they push their physical and mental boundaries, and organisations eat disruption for breakfast.

In all these instances, there has been a common theme – developing a deeper connection with one-another through better conversations about work; at work.

I’d love to chat with you about how we could do the same for your team.