0.5 - 3 days

Callum is often called upon to facilitate seminars and training workshops designed to create a sustainable shift in participants’ thinking and actions. These are designed to question the status quo and have participants develop new behaviours and ways of working better suited to the future of work; not the long-outdated practices in-place since the first industrial revolution.

Multiple half-day to three whole days sees Callum take your team on a quest to rediscover its mojo and re-energise each individual with clarity of purpose and fit, and with a renewed commitment to behaving in a productive, high-performance team culture.

Works best for:

15-300 people in functional / service line teams, frontline and mid to senior management teams. Plus a real game changer (see below!)


All pre-event planning and meetings/skype calls, any pre-event diagnostics (if appropriate)

Breaking the cycle of cultural apathy

  • Is your organisation struggling with change?

  • Does your leadership team get frustrated with the lack of ‘lift’ in staff engagement despite putting effort and energy into actively responding to staff feedback?

I wonder if your organisation lacks a little humanity.

For decades we’ve obsessed over strategy, process, structure and procedure – all very necessary for the ‘what’ it is we do – yet we tend to design the humanity out of our organisations and we’re now paying the price as we realise the impact of habits and ways of working that no longer serve us as they may have once done. In most organisations there is now a distinct lack of connection between people. A lack of real kindness – and that’s having a larger impact than we give it credit for.

Some say kindness isn’t commercially savvy - that it has no place in effective business execution. That it’s too soft and fluffy. That nice girls/guys finish last!


If that’s the case, I find it strange that across every organisation I work with (now into the many hundreds across NZ & Australia) I’ve found that when people have the opportunity to behave kindly with each other their experience of work improves, their engagement with the actual work as well as with their colleagues lifts, and their productivity – the stuff they get paid to do – increases markedly. Every time. All from a little more kindness.

So, kindness can be commercially smart and sustainably-so. It just takes a little willingness and focus.

Call kindness whatever you like – the label doesn’t really matter. You might prefer something like:

  • Connection

  • Service

  • Empathy

  • Decency

  • Thoughtfulness

  • Understanding

  • Helpfulness

  • Humanity

  • Teamwork

  • Tolerance

These all have kindness at their core. As our workplaces evolve to require higher levels of teamwork, collaboration and creativity together, the successful service-oriented organisations thriving in the future will be those with kindness as a core foundation.

Which of the following describes your current cultural state?


Activating a Circuit Breaker in your organisation.

The Circuit Breaker is a programme of workshops designed specifically for service-based organisations to build high-performing cultures of kindness, connection and collaboration.

Developed to provide senior leaders clear visibility of what is really happening across their organisation, it enables decision makers to direct energy and effort to experiences that drive higher performance together. The programme comprises a series of workshops held across the organisation designed to build connection and collaboration between leaders and staff – to break the cycle of apathy and change aversion, and flick the switch so that staff and leaders connect and take accountability for change and their own engagement.

Leadership participates in 3x half-day sessions at the beginning, middle and end of the programme designed as status checks and decision points, while staff teams participate in 2x sessions several weeks apart – the first is a circuit breaker of all the unhelpful, unhealthy and unwanted cultural habits and behaviour; the second is the switch designed to uncover, unlock and unleash new cultural traits.

Key value delivered includes:

  • Greater internal & external customer service

  • Less time, energy & money wasted on politics and patch-protection

  • Greater collaboration within teams across the agency

  • Staff take responsibility for their own engagement (i.e. not expecting senior leaders to engage them) • Meetings & projects hit meaningful targets sooner with less effort

  • Higher credibility given to senior leaders Go on – be kind to yourself by helping your team be better together.

The Synergistic Team of Leaders

Synergistic leadership is about each member sparking off one-another to be both better together and as individual leaders in their roles as catalysts and influencers of culture and performance.

Designed for senior leadership teams of service-based organisations in both the public and private sectors, this programme ultimately has the outcomes for the end-user in mind but starts with the service to the organisation provided by the leadership team. Your organisation’s performance starts with you.

Each full-day workshop comprises:

  • A deep-dive into specific content for the specific dimension of the Synergistic Leadership Team and Catalyst Leadership model each session will focus on

  • Sharing successes and failures, identifying lessons learned, fresh perspectives from myself, and team action and accountability planning for the coming period as a team

  • Recap & check-in with team members as to progress against individual action plans – canvasing what worked, what didn’t, why, and what’s next and how they can help each other be better?

Cat and Syn Leadership Model.jpg

The total contact time is five days over eight-to-ten months makes the programme completely do-able and offers little disruption to your business as the team builds new momentum together. The programme is designed to build team and individual capability; not add to workloads. The actions and commitments teams and each individual make within the sessions target the building of more effective habits as to how the team will work together – thus these actions become integral to the way the team works.

What each team member will get while undertaking this programme:

  • Tailored, individualised action plans approx. every six weeks and a learning journal for their own leadership practice review

  • A greater connection with what, how and why they ‘do what they do’ in their individual roles, as well as with their teammates

  • A deeper connection with their colleagues to learn with and from, and grow together

  • Ways to deal with overwhelm by building strategies for letting-go of what is neither urgent nor important, and gaining traction with the stuff that is (& crucially how to tell the difference)

  • An increased ability to influence those who matter (and those who don’t so much) in your organisation, and their professions

  • A greater sense of leading with authenticity by bringing their true selves to the leadership table.

Your Team will get:

  • Reinvigorated in their practice of working and leading together

  • Revitalised, engaged and clear on what they will work on to take their personal practice to a new level, immediately.

  • A coach and mentor to challenge and enhance their practice across the wider organisation.

  • Regular and scheduled access to Callum via email and phone as a check-in and chase-up in between each session as a mentor.

Participant outcomes you can expect from Synergistic Leadership Teams programmes:

  • Individual leaders with a deeper understanding of the value they bring to the table, and how they can amplify this value in current and future roles;

  • An ability to adapt to, deal with and lead change (to evolve and be resilient) – and crucially to let-go of those things which holds back their work and leadership practice;

  • A greater degree of traction on projects and initiatives with key customers;

  • Better, more productive and fulfilling relationships within the team and across the organisation;

  • A deeper conviction in themselves that their leadership practice has worth (an ownership of their working style) to the people they serve.


Developing the optimised People & Capability team

This programme sees your HR team getting its own house in order based on the ULTRA optimised model of high-performing work teams. A pre-event diagnostic provides insight into the areas of the model your team requires to lift its game from those it needs to double-down on. Each workshop focuses on proactively developing team behaviours towards an action plan developed together within each session. Six, monthly 1-day session ensure accountability and support is top-of-mind.  

This event is especially useful for teams that have stalled or seen their performance (perceived or real) plateau, and helps to reignite their collective influence across your organisation.


Culture Conversations:

Facilitating your staff to take greater accountability for their own engagement with work

This can be the game changer for those organisations willing to empower and enable their staff to determine their own future. This IS the secret sauce for culture change – allowing employees to get out of their own way and develop solutions to removing the barriers they face. Yes, sometimes its you, but fear-not, Callum ensures you’re part of the solution!

These sessions are a half-day in length and can be run enterprise-wide in multiple instances of the same session to ensure all staff have the opportunity to have their say, while causing least disruption to the business.

Culture Conversations are most often used in response to staff survey findings (that in Callum’s experience tend to be vague, amorphous and of little use), or when organisational values have been developed and require assistance with embedding these into the organisational culture.


Personalities run the workplace

Using the Jung Type Indicator (JTI) psychometric assessment tool as a base for having better conversations about work; at work, this workshop explores the impact of individual personalities on team dynamics, and the subsequent flow-on effect these have on team and individual performance. Essentially, if you need your team to sort itself out, begin with a personality questionnaire -not as the solution, but as the starter for 10 for better interactions at work. After all, it’s not process but people that run the workplace (whether you like it or not).