Building, Connecting and Positioning your
HR function to confidently lead the organisation into the future of work

Today, where business decisions are being made at an ever-increasing rate, with greater importance placed on each of those decisions, change has now become the new normal – brought about by technological disruption and innovation. Indeed, as we enter the fourth Industrial Revolution of human history dominated by automation, big data and machine thinking,

"never before has ensuring your people are connected at work been so important."

That is, connected to the work they do, its purpose and each other as integrated, optimised teams – in order to meet demand, deliver on expectations and ensure your long-term relevance in business. Yet, in all this the HR function has slipped down the organisation and no longer has a seat at the table. Key decision makers now choose tech solutions over organisational culture - leaving the people as by-product of those decisions. 

It's time for the HR profession to regain leadership of the people agenda. 

Callum is an expert in workplace behaviour, assisting leaders and teams to develop optimised cultures of productivity and high-performance across a range of industries, but above all he dedicates his time to developing HR leaders and practitioners to be the best versions of themselves as they seek to transform how they go about the practice of HR.

He is called upon to work with executive teams in central and local Government, privately held global businesses, and innovative start-ups who recognise their future is determined by what goes on inside the business, rather than the market they play in.

Callum speaks at industry and in-house conferences, facilitates high-impact workshops, trains teams, and mentors professionals who are looking to reconnect people with purpose in their workplace.



45 - 90 minutes

Does your conference need an engaging speaker to take a different slant on what connects people at work, and challenge your audience to think differently about the world of work?

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0.5 - 3 days

Do your teams need to get its own house in order so it can have greater influence on the rest of the organisation and future results? These workshop options develop the key elements of optimised teams and high-performance cultures. 

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3 - 5 days

Are you looking for a team retreat that embraces the natural environment as motivation to take a deep-dive into your Executive Team from the inside-out and develop optimised team direction and behaviours for future success? Be warned – this is only for the ultra-ambitious.

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